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Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Testimonials & Mementos


To train with Sebastian and Murielle is not just a training. It was an extra ordinary experience that far exceeded my expectations. This was my 4th yoga teachers training and definitely the best one.

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Bernie Clark Exclusive Interview on His Personal History in Yoga & New Book Release

Sebastian & Murielle :Hello Bernie, you are an essential figure in the world of yin yoga but not many people know about your background, would you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what did you use to do before yoga and how did you come to Yin Yoga?

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Paul & Suzee Grilley Exclusive Interview on Anatomy, Meditation & Laughter

Sebastian Pucelle: Hello Paul & Suzee Grilley, you are both renowned yoga teachers now and known as the initiators of Yin Yoga, Muriel & I would love to ask you a few questions.

Paul & Suzee Grilley: Please do, we are listening…

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Look Inside with Yin Yoga Video

This video encompass the spirit of our teaching, merging ancient wisdom in modern age.

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Workshop Foundation of Yin-Yoga Theory & Practice


In Yoga we talk about 3 stage of nature or the 3 gunas.
Rajas (Yang) or a dynamic state, Tamas (Yin)  or a passive state and Sattvic or
(Tao) the state of balance and clarity.

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Yin-Yoga “The Meridian Series” Part 1 & 2

In this Workshop we will learn how to heal ourselves with the practice of Yin-Yoga,
tapping into the healing life-force of the body called Prana (in India) or Qi (in China),
using the energy pathways named, Nadis or Meridians.

In Chinese medicine, the function of organs is not only measured by the anatomical roles they play, but by their energetic constitutions as well. There are 12 major Meridians in the body connected to 12 principal organs which can be positively affected by doing Yoga poses.

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Yin-Yoga & Meditation Workshop

The practice of YIN-YOGA is naturally evolving toward meditation, as Yogi our effort on the path go toward an understanding of the nature of the mind.

YIN-YOGA spontaneously bring us closer to this understanding, the calmness and relaxed approached allow the practitioner to integrate more easily breath awareness, the Asanas are design mainly to open the lower body which enable oneself to sit for longer time and lessen discomfort. Ready to practice and explore MEDITATION.
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PERMANENT IMPERMANENCE… or Yin-Yoga the practice of Surrender.

Is there something more obvious than the constant change of all life’s phenomena?

No need to look too far to grasp the concept of impermanence, from the invariable cycle of the seasons or even the natural growth of our own body…

It becomes quite clear that nothing last… neither the sunny days nor the comfort of youth, like the day rises, shines and diminishes as soon as we are born to this life we are in a process of decay, each moment rising is passing away at the same time, the seed of impermanence is entangled straight away from our very birth. Read the rest

Why YIN-YOGA..? or Yin-Yoga Vs Pattanjali

In the past 20 years the popularity of Yoga has increased to an extent where it is becoming difficult to understand what it is really about…

Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Zen Yoga, Laughing Yoga, Dharma Yoga … just to name a few. (All those styles are part of Hatha-Yoga)

No wonders, that the aspirant Yogi find it difficult to pinpoint the style suitable to his needs. Read the rest