Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Testimonials & Mementos

YYTT People

Far above the ordinary!

To train with Sebastian and Murielle is not just a training. It was an extra ordinary experience that far exceeded my expectations. This was my 4th yoga teachers training and definitely the best one. Not just because I love yin yoga but the superb quality and design of the training. The practical sessions gave us a wide variety of tools to use for our own teachings and the theory parts had this extra ordinary quality of clarity to them which I highly enjoyed. Clarity permeated the whole training; Schedule, classes, practice and I feel that because of that clarity, every second became interesting and useful.

But most of all what made this training really special is that Sebastian and Murielle are two extraordinary persons who has embodied spiritual yoga and live what they teach. What you practice will always shine through. Thats a law of this universe !

This is IT. Just DO this training if you are thinking about it.

Didi Anada Samprajina - Sweden


A very insightful training

The whole training was very inspiring. The theory of yin practice, anatomical point of view and the philosophical aspects complete my understanding about yin yoga. Also the meditative practice became a good space to reflect and absorb everything we learn. Not only for the physical benefits, but the training also brings a new perspective and understanding about life and spirituality. It’s perfect for everyone who wants to learn the foundation of yin yoga and meditation. Looking forward for the next part of yin teacher training!

Miranda Dewi – Indonesia


Yin Yoga healed me

Following the Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sebastian and Murielle was just a blessing experience. Prior to this training i had a complex surgery on my neck which compromise my teaching, daily practice,my all mind/body connection was changed.
The practice of Yin Yoga attuned me to more subtle energy, allowing me to deal with the difficult and painful healing process.        My confidence came back and i quickly recovered some strength and range of motion. I am so thankful for this opportunity to delve deeply within myself, and help me to carry on with my life, taking time to unfold past trauma, Yin Yoga provide me with the energy necessary to carry on with my teaching and most important give me peace of mind. Keep me in balance with the yin and the yang of life.

Heartfelt gratitude to Murielle & Sebastian.

Luz Life – Qatar


Make me want’s to know more

This week of Yin Yoga lead by Sebastian was a wonderful experience. It made me want to know a lot more about Yin Yoga. We learned  quite a bit about muscular anatomy and fascia, in a pedagogically very well planned way. In such a way, you actually understand and you actually remember the information.
Anapana meditation was also given a lot of focus. For me the most special thing about the training was the way Sebastian transmits Yoga and Meditation through his way of being. Lightheartedness, understanding and wisdom are transported naturally through his personality. Thank you!

Philipp Sudi – Austria


Can wait for the next TT!

Mindfulness is deliberately paying full attention to what is happening around you and within you, in your body, heart and mind (Jan Chozen Bays). Through this Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Sebastian and Murielle, I explored my mind and body based on their in depth knowledge of Yoga, Anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoism. I also learned to contemplate and surrender in every pose. And that assisted yin session was awesome.

Adeline Windy - Indonesia


Highly Recommended

Before doing this 50 hour TT with With-Yin Yoga I had very limited exposure to Yin yoga other than a weekend workshop and a few classes. After the training I feel not only motivated to continue a self-practice but also inspired and fully equipped to share the learnings by teaching others. This 8 day course was intense but each day was structured really well covering a large range of content/areas: meditation, different yin practice daily, anatomy, introduction to yin/Taoist philosophy and exposure to new directions and trends in anatomy.

Sebastien and Murielle have a very calm, encouraging and methodical approach to their teaching which ensured I got a really solid foundation but also introduced to me to plenty of areas to explore further post-training. I was particularly impressed with the depth and breadth of their knowledge of practical anatomy and the spiritual side of yin yoga and Taoism. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to get a very solid grounding in Yin either as a practictioner or new teacher. It was an excellent blend and balance of the physical and spiritual side of the practice.

Susan Ni Dhubhlaoich - Ireland



I had never practiced Yin Yoga before commencing the TTC in Bangkok with Sebastian and Murielle and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience for me. The teaching was clear and precise, fun and easy to understand even though there was a lot of anatomy theory to take in and understand. Murielle and Sebastian’s teaching styles complemented each other superbly.
It was the best money I have ever spent, I now practice yin yoga everyday and feel very fortunate to have been on the course and cannot wait to learn from them again. Brilliant !

Martin Heather – U.K


Amazing teachers and course

I’m so glad to have participated in Sebastian and Murielle’s level 1 Yin yoga tt. The teachers are both very passionate, caring, supportive and experienced yoga teachers and practitioners. In this level 1 course, it largely focused on anatomy which lay a solid foundation for teaching and practicing yoga. At the same time, the course provides a well-rounded structure balancing body works and spiritual exploration. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation, practices and theoretical study of the course. Looking forward to the level 2 course. It’s rare to meet genuine people. I’m looking forward to continuously study with Sebastian and Murielle!

Annie Au – Canada


Wonderful yin yoga adventure

More than a training it was a genuine heart to heart encounter, not only with Sebastian & Murielle and the lovely people who participated but also with myself. Their skills, knowledge and experience and also their love, kindness and peacefulness enabled me to turn deeply in and therefore reach a part of myself I didn’t know before. Learning about anatomy and philosophy aspects of yin yoga was GREAT, but experiencing it through their stillness, tranquility and balance was even more « MAGIC ».

Thanks to them, this yin yoga training provided me a lot of physical, energetic and heart and mind benefits. Today, I can still see that it has changed a lot of things into my daily life and I try to cultivate these benefits every single day.Thank you Murielle and Sebastian. I am looking forward to taking part in the next training.

Jessica Misses – France


Fascinating discovery of yin yoga

The course was a great opportunity to learn about yin yoga, from its basic principles to the useful details of anatomy and philosophy. Sebastian and Murielle brought in loads of experience with embraces different styles of yoga and other disciplines. They taught us yin yoga with words, actions and examples, as they see it as a way of living and not a mere exercise. I look forward to part 2 of the training! Thank you Sebastian and Murielle!

Francesca Majorano - Italy


Bernie Clark Exclusive Interview on His Personal History in Yoga & New Book Release

Sebastian & Murielle :Hello Bernie, you are an essential figure in the world of yin yoga but not many people know about your background, would you tell us a little bit more about yourself and what did you use to do before yoga and how did you come to Yin Yoga?

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Paul & Suzee Grilley Exclusive Interview on Anatomy, Meditation & Laughter

Sebastian Pucelle: Hello Paul & Suzee Grilley, you are both renowned yoga teachers now and known as the initiators of Yin Yoga, Muriel & I would love to ask you a few questions.

Paul & Suzee Grilley: Please do, we are listening…

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Look Inside with Yin Yoga Video

This video encompass the spirit of our teaching, merging ancient wisdom in modern age.

Enjoy the viewing…

Workshop Foundation of Yin-Yoga Theory & Practice


In Yoga we talk about 3 stage of nature or the 3 gunas.
Rajas (Yang) or a dynamic state, Tamas (Yin)  or a passive state and Sattvic or
(Tao) the state of balance and clarity.

Yoga is about finding balance…

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Yin-Yoga “The Meridian Series” Part 1 & 2

In this Workshop we will learn how to heal ourselves with the practice of Yin-Yoga,
tapping into the healing life-force of the body called Prana (in India) or Qi (in China),
using the energy pathways named, Nadis or Meridians.

In Chinese medicine, the function of organs is not only measured by the anatomical roles they play, but by their energetic constitutions as well. There are 12 major Meridians in the body connected to 12 principal organs which can be positively affected by doing Yoga poses.

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