With Sebastian & Murielle Pucelle

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Our program present modules of 50 hours which can be combined or taken separately.

YIN-YOGA has increased so much in popularity nowadays, finding naturally its place in the yoga world where Yang forms of practice are prominent. During the past few years, Sebastian & Murielle have traveled extensively in Asia and Europe teaching
YIN-YOGA workshops improving their teaching skills to unveil their Yin-Yoga Teacher Training Program which will empower you to share, demonstrate and instruct the Healing and Meditative practice of Yin-Yoga.
Unravel your potential and refine your inspiration on the  Yoga path.
Come and join our Teacher Training Course to make a difference, balancing and improving your practice and teaching..


50 Hours Level I KEY CONCEPTS

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1


Practice the 20 main Yin-Yoga poses
(And familiarize yourself with the variations)

Learn the 17 transitions poses
(Create session moving from Yin to Yang practice)

Discover and share the practice of Assisted Yin
(A practice for the very stiff body or for those with injuries)

Cultivation of breath body
(Leading towards a tranquil mind.)


Looking at the 14 Skeletal segments of the body
(Understanding skeletal variations)

Use the thigh/Torso Myofascial mandalas
(Developing a functional approach of Yoga)

Understand Tension & Compression
(Limitation & stimulation of all Asanas)

Study the benefits of the Yin-Yoga Practice
(Anatomical & energetic benefits and how it can improve your health)

Appreciate the role of the connective tissues in relation to Yoga practice
(Fascia network and tensegrity / Ligaments, tendons ..)

Teaching Methodology

Knowledge and understanding of the Yin-Yoga approach
(Learn the difference between a Yin “Passive” and a Yang “Dynamic” style of Yoga)

How to communicate effectively the value of Yin-Yoga
(Stirah & Sukham / Function Vs Aesthetic )

Acquire the skill of sequencing Yin-Yoga
(Design classes from an anatomical point of view)

Use the 9 Levels of Awareness
(To influence your practice and guide your teaching)


The learning prescription
(Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasa or Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha)

The Tattvas of the Yin Practice
(The principles and qualities of the practice)

Clarify and define the path of Yoga
(As a Psycho-Spiritual system)


50 Hours Level II KEY CONCEPTS

Yin Yoga & Meridian Series


Practice the Meridian Series related to the 5 Elements
(Using Asanas & Chinese meridians theory to revitalize body/organs)

Familiarize yourself with Meridian Tracing
(Memorize the meridian’s location)

Stimulate the Qi along the Meridians
(Using Shiatsu technique to apprehend the Qi/Meridian)

Learn the 5 Elements Qigong & Wuji Standing Meditation
(The Taoist & Meditative approach of well-being)

Theory Traditional Chinese Medicine

Approach the Meridian System
(The 12 Main meridians & their relation to the organs)

Look at the 5 Elements Theory
(Generative & Controlling cycles)

Understand the Flow & Formation of Qi
(Qi movement & different type of Qi)

Study Water-Wood-Earth-Fire-Metal Elements
(Relation & Function of Zhang & Fu organs to each Elements)

Identify the 3 treasures of TCM
(Jing/Physical, Qi/Energetic, Shen/Spiritual)

Teaching Methodology

Acquire the Skill of Sequencing Yin-Yoga
(Design class from a meridian point of view)

Understand the 3 layers of the body
(The 3 symmetrical pairs subcircuits of the body)


Enquire into the Daoist Wisdom
(Origin, Symbolism, Coexistence & the Qualities of the “Way”)



Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 3


Build and Intensify your Ability to Concentrate
(Merging Asanas, Pranayama and Dharana)

Practice Different Meditation Technique to Collect the Mind
(Diaphragmatic breathing, Anapanasati, Settling the mind in his natural state)

Progress Towards an Absorption of the Mind
(Developing shamatha or the practice of meditative quiescence)

Teaching Methodology

Define Ekagrata or One-Pointedness of Mind
(Lead your practice & teaching with one intent )

Modern Yoga Vs Traditional Yoga
(Redefining your inclination on the path)


Exploring the 8 Limbs of Patañjali
(The spiritual path of Yoga)

Patañjali Analysis of Yoga
(“Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha” exposed)

Studying the 5 Hindrances to Meditation
(The obstacles to meditation and how to overcome them)

Investigate the Shamatha Path
(Lecture on the Jhanas or 8 levels of absorption)


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga practice has transformative effects on body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of the connective tissues encourages long-term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic system of the body and naturally draws the mind inwards into a relaxed, meditative state. It also prepares the body and mind for longer meditation practices.

This Training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners with at least 2 years of yoga experience .
Prior experience in Yin Yoga is not required but you need a keen interest in the following subject of Anatomy, Qi Theory, Philosophy and Meditation.
You do not have to wish to become a Yoga teacher to follow this training but a spirit to learn and dedication to deepen your practice are required.
Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is overlapping Yogic,Taoist and Buddhist concepts to contemplate and interpret the essential message of those different traditions.From the gross to the subtle we believe in cultivating an awareness of all the different aspects of the individual, combining body/mind perception as a practice to positively influence, modify, and transform one’s health and consciousness.

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  • Mati Messager on

    Please keep in informed on the coming up Teacher Trainings.

  • Sebastian on

    Hi MAti sure will do..


  • Lia Bos on

    Do you already know when this is? I’m interested.


  • Sasha Regier on

    I am interested in taking a yin TT. When/ where is your next available training!

  • Sebastian on

    Hello Sasha

    Our next training is taking place in January 2014 in Thailand Bangkok please send me your email address at yogawithsebastian@nullgmail.com and i will send you the details.


  • Videcoq Anne on

    Bonjour Sebastian,

    J’aimerais suivre votre formation Yin Yoga .Mon anglais est assez limité, pas suffisamment bon en tous les cas pour suivre une formation en anglais ! je passerais surement à coté de beaucoup de détails. Pouvez-vous me dire si vous proposez une traduction simultanée ou si vous envisagez de proposer une formation en France .
    J’ai déjà pris note du stage à Paris au mois d’octobre prochain, j’y serai, mais j’aimerai aller plus loin dans la pratique et la compréhension du Yin Yoga.
    J’enseigne le Hatha et le vinyasa yoga et aimerais ajouter le YIN dans ma pratique et dans mon enseignement.
    Merci d’avance pour votre retour et vous dis d’ors et déjà au mois d’octobre prochain.
    Anne Videcoq . Annasta Yoga

  • Susiani Dewi Boedianto on

    Can you send me the schedule and details for the next training ? Thank you..

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    Fantastic content. A truely unique training..
    Namaste. Zoe

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    Please keep me up to date on info about your yin teacher trainings.

  • Sebastian Pucelle on

    Hello Anna,

    Please keep watching this space “next events” thumbnail on our website to see our future events coming up.

    Thank you

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