Our program present modules of 50 hours which can be combined or taken separately.

YIN-YOGA has increased so much in popularity nowadays, finding naturally its place in the yoga world where Yang forms of practice are prominent. During the past few years, Sebastian & Murielle have traveled extensively in Asia and Europe to present their Workshop & Teacher training :

ASIA: Indonesia : Jakarta / Bali, Malaysia : Kuala Lumpur – Thailand : Bangkok Japan : Kyoto – Korea : Seoul – China : Tianjin

EUROPE: U.K : London – Republic Czech : Prague – Estonia : Tallinn – Latvia : Riga Finland : Helsinki – Switzerland : Geneva – France : Paris

OTHER: New-Zealand : Wellington – USA : Nevada City

Please check our events to see if we are coming near you, if you are a studio owner and interested in hosting one of our event contact us at:

yogawithsebastian@nullgmail.com or yogawithmurielle@nullgmail.com

Unravel your potential and refine your inspiration on the Yoga path.

Come and join our Teacher Training Course to make a difference, balancing and improving your practice and teaching.


50 Hours Level I KEY CONCEPTS

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

Our Anatomy module thoroughly take you into the functional approach of Yoga

50 Hours Level II KEY CONCEPTS

Yin Yoga & Meridian Series

Our Meridian Series module integrate the channel & fascia network to the energetic approach of Yoga

 50 Hours Level III KEY CONCEPTS

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level 3

Our Meditation/Philosophy module aim to demystify the spiritual approach of Yoga through analysis of perception & cognition

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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga practice has transformative effects on body and mind. The gentle but consistent stimulation of the connective tissues encourages long-term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic system of the body and naturally draws the mind inwards into a relaxed, meditative state. It also prepares the body and mind for longer meditation practices.

This Training is designed for teachers and dedicated practitioners with at least 2 years of yoga experience .

Prior experience in Yin Yoga is not required but you need a keen interest in the following subject of Anatomy, Qi Theory, Philosophy and Meditation.
You do not have to wish to become a Yoga teacher to follow this training but a spirit to learn and dedication to deepen your practice are required.

Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is overlapping Yogic,Taoist and Buddhist concepts to contemplate and interpret the essential message of those different traditions.From the gross to the subtle we believe in cultivating an awareness of all the different aspects of the individual, combining body/mind perception as a practice to positively influence, modify, and transform one’s health and consciousness.